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TINGQUA -Chinese export painting

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TINGQUA -Chinese export painting > SUNDAY Feature on ART of Architecture -by Gautam Shah

Tingqua Guan Lianchang (1809-1870) was a Chinese artist, more known to Westerners by name Tingqua. He belonged to a family of painters, based in Guangzhou, Canton, The family was producing Western-style paintings for the export market. The studio of Tingqua at No. 16, China Street, Canton, was known in Chinese, as ‘Guan Lianchang’. The studio employed other painters and apprentices, who used traditional tools-brushes.

The gouache and watercolour paintings were made in bright colours. The brush work was precise and light effects were well explored. The quality of details was exquisite. The paintings were done on wafer-thin sheets of ‘pith’ (erroneously called rice paper).

Chinese export painting is a class of genre of painting, and produced in large quantities throughout the 18th -19th C. Drawings depict various activities, including opium dens, Tea production processes, ports, and other domestic and social activities. His paintings were set in built-form interiors or the backdrop had presence of buildings.





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