Sunday, September 13, 2020



SUNDAY Feature on ART of Architecture -by Gautam Shah 

Philips Wouwerman (1619-1668) was a Dutch painter of horses, genre scenes and landscapes. He was one of the most versatile and prolific artists of the Dutch Golden Age. His contribution to the 17th C Dutch painting is remarkable. He was born in Haarlem, and mostly worked from here. Many of the works listed under his name may have been created by his brother, pupils, countless followers and imitators all over Europe.

Wouwerman developed an individual style, treating a wide range of subjects. His paintings show some consistent features like, sloped lands, substantial space for skies and buildings or architectural features placed at the right side edge. He uses Repoussoir -a baroque technique, where a strong figure or object is placed in front to increase the illusion of depth. His early works use brown tones, but later works have greater details, purity and colour brilliancy. 


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