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SUNDAY Feature on ART of Architecture -by Gautam Shah

Salomon Leonardus Verveer (1813-1876) was one of the most versatile and successful landscape painter. Verveer was intensely involved with the Dutch Romantic traditions, yet, many of his artworks have the realist flavour.

Verveer began painting the Hague city and harbor scenes, river landscapes and village scenes. Later he included water edge dunes and Jewish neighbourhoods, in his repertoire. He travelled through the Rhine provinces and France, especially Normandy, to draw village, city and sea views.

Without following any past or then current Art’s styles of Europe, Verveer came out of the darker and daring shades. He began to use natural colour tones and subdued contrasts for realism. His realism emerged from his love and expertise of water colours. His work-lot has few capriccio compositions, but he largely worked on the sites.

He worked with water colour and oil paints, and often added charcoal and sepia for sketching.


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SUNDAY Feature on ART of Architecture -by Gautam Shah

Stephanie Hollenstein (1886-1944) was an Austrian expressionist landscape and still-life painter. Her first paintings were made, while working as a cowherd, with naturally sourced colours. She painted animals and shepherds. This love for rural landscape lasted through her life, in spite of living in Vienna.

She absolutely wanted to serve the fatherland and, for this purpose, completed a Red Cross course and joined the services as Stephan Hollenstein - as a boy.

Stephanie Hollenstein made extensive travels through Germany and Italy. She was impelling and a modernist expressionist painter. She had a daring personality. Her choice of colours and contrasts remained in ‘non-urban’ landscapes, portraits and still life. Her extremely expressive colour scheme exploited the spatial distortion and overcame the natural illumination. For this she earned a nickname ‘a crooked Lady Painter (Schiefmalerin)’.



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