Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opportunities for Interior Designers

Interior Designers have many fields to employ their skills. One may work as an independent professional, free lancer, conditional associate, or as an employee. Interior designers also work in many parallel fields like product design, developer of interior prototypes, producer or manufacturer of interior components, supervisor for interior components’ production, maintenance person for interior spaces and components, advisor or consultant for interior design related concepts (such as event management), and as administrator for interior related affairs.

Interior designers are sensitive to materials and finishes, and so work as conservator, preserver, and renovator of built spaces. Interior designers also have the competence to mould and manipulate the built environments and are ideal for reformation and adaptation of redundant buildings.
In today’s world of miniaturization, systems and components are becoming smaller, as a result large amount of built spaces becomes spare or redundant. A building is not only a very costly resource to acquire but would need equal or perhaps costlier effort to dispose it off. So large number of buildings are being reestablished through renovations and alterations. These provide a vast opportunity for skills of Interior Designers.

Interior Designers have a very important role to play in product design decisions. A product or component designer may conceive a very functional and tangible product, but human interactions with that product are influenced by the contextual interior environmental conditions. Interior products include everything used and housed in an interior space, like, furniture and furnishings, fixtures and fittings, tools, gadgets, equipments, etc. The interior environment could be of a building, ship, aircraft, space station, automobile, bus or railway carriage.

With technological developments, Interior and Building components have not remained just passive parts, but, have become very active systems. Success of a building as a utility depends on adequate working, operation or conductance of such systems. Interior designers are best suited for the role of maintenance person of such systems, as a house keeper or interior space manager. Large organizations (hotels, guest houses, corporate head offices, museums, showrooms, departmental stores) have estates, substantially consisting of buildings, furniture, furnishings, plants, equipments, utilities, gardens, and landscaped lands. Managements of these require in-house an estate-in-charge person. Interior designers are often preferred for such a role.

Interior Design training to day includes design drafting and presentation technologies in digital media. Interior Designers with competence in computerized drafting (AUTOCAD), 3D modelling, animation, walk through, rendering, etc. find employment in many other design fields. Interior Design training consists of colour, rendering, graphics and presentation techniques, preparing them for diversions to fields like artwork, advertising, cinematography, exhibitions, publicity, etc.


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