Thursday, January 15, 2015


Post 115 -by Gautam Shah
A person individually can have expertise or keen interest in a specific field. The person, however joins an existing organization to contribute the specific know-how, or such individuals come together to explore it. All organizations intend to work intensively in areas that are analogous to their aims. Organization, however, cannot operate just by intent or facilities. Organization needs opportunities to build up the core competence.

Core competence leads an organization into specific jobs, by way of excelling in results, efficiency of work procedure or job handling, efficiencies of input-benefit ratio, and client satisfaction. The repetition of opportunities leads to learning, experimentation and satisfaction. Core competence is perceived as an innovative pursuit that can cause enough synergies, to make the organization behave like self correcting or continuously adjusting biological entities

Core competence is also seen as Generalization versus Specialization. Some organizers believe that generalization, as a capacity to handle all types of projects and under whatever circumstances, is very essential for continuance. And if the need arises experts can be hired to meet the exigency. The generalization allows them to handle projects of routine nature, in an efficient, economic and time bound manner. Projects that are very large in scale, requiring little innovation, and of repetitive nature are handled by such organizations. Their service or fee’s charges are very competitive. 

Specialization cannot be achieved by intent alone. One must grab projects that reinforce their skills, even by discounting the fees or profits. And, if opportunities in the desired field are few, one must strive for excellence in the smaller sections of the routine (or ‘bread-butter’ jobs). Specialization is equated with a single person in charge of organization, rather than group based practices. An Autocratic leader stimulates an organization towards an acute specialization, whereas a Bohemian leader dissipates the energy and de-focuses and strives for generalization. A Democratic leader will continuously review and revise, the aims of the organization, and plan the resources, to make the organization creative.

Creativity is not in specialization (capacity to excel in limited fields) nor in generalization (capacity to handle many different situations) in any field. Design creativity is seen in radical solution, proficiency in sustaining the technical superiority and learning. Design efficiency is perceived for being productive, cost efficacy and organizational ranking or super-ordination.

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