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A project is a unique endeavour undertaken
form a concept create a product render a service

A project could be ‘an idea or concept taking shape in mind, or being readied for an outward expression’, ‘a strategy to actualize an idea’, ‘way to recollect a happening’, ‘estimate the scale of an event’, ‘reproduce an experience’ or ‘a search for a match or fit’.
Project management is unique in character and distinct from other more traditional, routine and bureaucratic means. ‘Projects emerge out of circumstances -aided by all kinds of debate and analysis, by managerial or political policy decisions, -as unique ways of addressing social, business and organizational issues, within increasingly complex environments’.
A project represents unique mix of various conditions so it is a first-ever effort. The effort at sub level involves some degree of repetitions or known conditions. This is very different from processes or operations, e.g. industrial, that are ongoing and do the …


Post 124by Gautam Shah ➔
Cement surface finishes occur in three different conditions: Finishes generated over the cast cement products,Rendered finishes of cements,Cement coatings’ finishes.The major problem with cement finishes is the consistency of colour over the surface. Other problems happen due to differences in application (casting, rendering or coating), mixing water content and quality and curing processes. The colour differences arise due to many reasons: ingredients used in cement manufacturing, particulate size and its distribution, size and colour quality, proportionate quantity of other ingredients, quality-conditioning additives and mixing procedures.

● Cement cast productsare plain or steel reinforced structures, pre cast blocks, units, etc. A cement finish of a cast product emerges due to the form-work, compaction, level of vibration (causing aeration), proportion of water and technique of casting (towards gravity, centrifugal or centripetal, short or long depth fa…