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We measure lengths, areas, volumes, weights to define things. Measures when combined with Time show the changes that occur in things. We measure events or happenings, for their start, the rate at which these actualize, duration and termination. Measures are very important in recording and recreating events and happenings. Measurement is finding size or amount of some quantity, and expressing it as a number of defined units. All measurements are based on comparisons. A thing to be measured is compared with something similar, or with a thing that has already been calibrated -measured against a known reference. There was a time, when things were measured in terms of body sizes and body’s capacities. Long Distances were measured for the travel time required, like in lunch breaks or night halts. Short distances or Lengths were measured in arm lengths or foot steps. Smaller sizes were measured with the palm, length of a finger or width of a thumb. Finer widths were measured in terms barley gr…

Origin of ISO 9000 Series of Standards

2.13     ISO 9000 STANDARDS

ISO began its work primarily with the formation of standards for measurements, such as: specifications for writing and coordinating measures. The Standards for Measurements offered a universal approach for measurement systems. Subsequently ISO began to evolve International Standards for Products, Services, Processes, etc. These were derived as a consensus based on many national standards. The international standards though universal in nature related to issues that were self contained within the product, service or process. The standards were upgraded and redefined every five years, and sometimes more frequently. Yet, to serve the user better, many individuals and organizations outperform the standards.

Today business is no longer just about making available an adequate product, service or process to a user alone. In all human endeavors every citizen (or a being) is considered a stack holder. So one has to be conscious and conscientious of all our actions. …