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DOORS -SECONDARY HARDWARE (Latches, stays and stoppers)

Post 137 by Gautam Shah .

Doors have THREE categories of HARDWARE:
1 BASIC HARDWARE attaches a shutter directly or through a frame to an opening or doorway. (Basic-Hardware)
2SECONDARY HARDWAREprovides control on the movement of a door such as Latches, Stoppers, Locks-keys, stays.
3 APPENDAGES OR ATTACHMENTS that endow various types of functionality.
Secondary hardware provides control over mechanics of opening and closing. These include: stays, stoppers, locking mechanisms, pivot or hinge fixing -rivets and bolts, studs, nuts, housings, handles, doorstops or catch, door-closer, safety chains, peep holes, view glasses, ventilators, knockers, etc.
PADLOCK CHAINS: One of the simplest locking mechanisms is a chain. Chains are cast of brass, bronze or wrought iron and occasionally formed of braided metal wire or fibre ropes. The chains are primary locking devices with loops formed of round or oblong rings, a locking ring at one end, and a fixing hook at the other end. The locking ring is pl…


Post 136 by Gautam Shah
For Corbusier history of a window was a struggle for illumination. He typically wanted, at least in the initial years, openings to bring outside in. This was due to childhood memories of Northern Europe day lighting, inferior quality of glazing and interior spaces that had small windows and required artificial illumination often during the day time. He, as a cubist saw the glazing plane as an opaque surface slightly receding due to its placement and surface quality. Glass was a shimmering plane against the dull surface of the structure. He liked the configuration for illumination to be unbroken, and so preferred a separate ventilation system. For the same reason he did not like framing for the window. He would rather place the glazing plane directly into the masonry. This was continued in many of the later buildings like Ronchamp and Shodhan Villa Ahmedabad.
Corbusier started placing more then adequate openings, like the ribbon windows of Villa Savoy, and invite…