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Specifications derive their importance and relevance on How and Where these are presented. Specifications in Design Practice are placed in many different types of documents with peculiar formats to serve very exact intentions. The Document type, location (Placement) and the format of presentation, are all determined mainly by the nature of exposure the specifications are to have. Document types: Design documents are essentially of Four types: in-house, clients’ eyes, for consultant’s and for job award or execution. Other minor varieties of design documents include: for public presentation, for government authorities. Location or Placement: Specifications are placed in sketches, drawings, as write-up accompanying drawings, as part of Job awards, brief memos, long reports, signage, as product or packing labels. Format of Presentation: Specifications are literary or worded, drawn, orally communicated. Specifications could be sketchy, detailed, independent and intricately linked. Specificati…


General: Performance Specifications tell a manufacturer, vendor, supplier or provider: What is considered to be an acceptable product? And How will the product's acceptability be judged ? In other words performance specifications state requirements in terms of the results to be achieved and provide criteria for verifying the compliance. Such specifications define the functional requirements for the product, the environment in which it must operate, and the interface and interchangeability requirements. Performance specifications, however, do not state means or methods for achieving the results. It allows the supplier with freedom to not only choose but improvise materials and methods.
Systems specifiers like a designer deal with a product or system only occasionally and do not get frequent feedback. Whereas a system provider (such as the supplier, manufacturer, fabricator or installer) is consistently involved in supply field, and receives feedback from diverse sources. System sup…