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Post 142 by Gautam Shah .
Corridors are formal transfer zones in buildings, but sometimes passages get formed with intense movement conditions between two points. Corridors are architecturally articulated built forms, whereas passages are marked or delimited sections. Corridors and passages are distinguished by barricades, flooring differences, sensorial markings, graphics and signages.
A corridor as a built form is highly a formal entity and it is difficult to breach the discipline, but passages have no formal structure, and can be overstepped. A corridor is a passage, but a passage needs to be well modulated to become a corridor. A corridor without the traffic, will still remains a corridor, but a passage without movement just merges in the surrounding space. Corridors are more formal then passages, but passages allow greater public participation, and so ceremonial.

Alleys, arteries, aisles, channels, lanes, couloirs (narrow passageway on a hill), tunnels, paths, lobbies, vestibules,…


Post 141by Gautam Shah
Interior Design as a profession is changing at a very fast pace. Today many different forms of interior design practices exist, ranging from
Pure design (only),
Design + Supply,
Design + Supply + Execute (install-fabricate-operate).

These classifications arise due to ethical reasons (professional bodies, governmental regulations, etc.), taxation, traditions and business convenience. There was a time when Interior designer or decorator worked on a site or few sites, within the travelable region. In very large, complex and remotely located projects, however, it was not feasible, for the designer or their representative to be present all the time on a site, and conduct the projects. Interior Designers, as a result, gradually began to limit their work to design matters only, and let other agencies handle the supply and execution. The practice of employing or appointing ‘third party venders or contractors’ serves varying degree of efficiency, reliability and satisfact…