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Post 140by Gautam Shah .

Projects or their near independent systems, when nearly ready, begin to function or need to be operated early. Systems, for example, such as the load-bearing entities become operative as soon as installed or the supports are removed. Similarly systems like stairs and elevators or water supply etc. are made operative for use by construction personnel. Some systems need to be run-tested for certification, safety and other guarantees and warrantees to be effective
A system that is operative also becomes due for regular maintenance, servicing, repair, safety and security observance, and comes under the scope risk-management (such as insurance, fire, etc.). Operations’ Specificationsrelate to terms and conditions of operating and maintaining various systems of the project. For small, simple and projects of routine nature there may not be any acute need to create a set of such documents. Complex projects, however, require professional operators who may need not be…


Post 139 by Gautam Shah .
We need to move, along, away or towards the gravity. These modalities form transfer systems. The transfer systems along the gravity include paths, corridors, passages, etc. Transfer systems away or towards the gravity are perpendicular or inclined, and include firemen sliding poles, garbage chutes, emergency evacuation tubes, steps, stairs, ladders, slides, escalators, ramps and elevators. Some can be of both categories, like automated walkways, cable hung cars, roller coasters, conveyers, etc.
All movements are essentially directional but transfer systems occur in unison, for two way movements. The other segment, however, manifests in some other situation, occasion, location or format. An escalator as an unidirectional system is more efficient than a mixed movement system like a stair. The gravity accelerates the down-movement, and inclination retards the rate of passage.

Regularized transfer systems are uninterrupted services, and have width or passage way a…