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Post 133 by Gautam Shah  . Buildings are demolished to place new structures, destroyed to dispose off the unsafe entities, and deconstructed to preserve or reuse valuable sub-components. Buildings also get devastated by natural calamities (floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, landslides etc.), man-made disasters (fires, explosions, wars, acts of mischief and terror), and through carelessness such as inadequate design, poor maintenance or repairs.
Buildings are conceived to be long-lasting assets. The execution of it takes time, and is a costly affair. A building has uncertainty about it. No one precisely knows how long it will last, and no one can predict how long it will remain functionally relevant and commercially valid. Buildings’ relevance or validity, are also dependent on external factors such as the neighbourhood, politics, styles, and social trends. Buildings are perpetuated so long as the structure is safe, and external services make it inhabitable. Buildings are doc…