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Post 129by Gautam Shah
Organizations manage their work as projects or jobs. These are divided into smaller lots depending on the skills, resources and other inputs. These are assigned to individuals or smaller groups as distinct roles. Such allocations are never consistent assignments. The chief of the organization or the project leader often offers such assignments to new or untrained or un-experienced persons for two distinct reasons, One, to get fresh ideas, inputs, and Two, to recast a person’s talent. Such recast removes the tedium of repetitions and provides new exposures. The assignments are also diverted from one to another person, to achieve optimum results.

Jobs are also given out, to infuse new thoughts, work methods, and utilize different resources (plant, equipments, tools, talents). Jobs are presented to a person or a team, as an opportunity, challenge, and incentive. In design organizations personnel are identified in terms of their talents, such as: administrative sta…