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Post 128by Gautam Shah
Acoustical properties of small rooms differ considerably from large spaces such as the auditoriums, concert halls, cathedrals, lecture halls, hospital wards, etc. Some of the most important elements that differentiate the quality of sounds are volume and depth or width of the space. In an average space original sound travels more or less straight to the listener, whereas the reflected sound must travel towards an edge or boundary, and then get bounced back to the listener. Such delayed reflections heard along with the original source sound cause of enrichment of sound and in some cases irritant echoes.
Size and Shape of a room affect the sound perception in a room. ‘In a room with parallel walls (almost all rooms), the sound gets a caught bouncing back and forth between the walls. Some sound waves are cancelled by their own reflections while others are reinforced’. Room with slightly askew walls, drastically reduces the redundant reflections between walls. An…


Documenting Projects > Post 127by Gautam Shah .
Projects evolve through several levels of activities, by Financial advisers, Project consultants, and Designers. These project convening agencies take into consideration feedback or feed-forward of various stack holders, actual or likely users-owners, sponsors, regulators, fabricators, vendors and servicing agencies. Each of the project convening agencies need to deliver their products to others. As a result the transfer is formal and well documented. The project documents do not need to be collated, as one document becomes the basis of subsequent one. Each of the project convening agencies does not blindly follow the content, but recheck it. The project, as it passes through multiple agencies matures well.

● Defining the project objectives (concepts, policy, analysis, design, quality parameters, concerns)
● Defining the means and methods of achieving the objectives (assessing, choosing)
● Planning the resources (estimating, procuring…