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POSTURES and DESIGNERS Post 122by Gautam Shah ➔
Human body is continuously in some postural form. Postures are transient body positions. Some occur involuntarily such as in sleep or without one being aware or in control of it. Postures taken with intent are very important for designers. Designers design products with consideration of human postures. An interaction with a product is through perception, recognition, admiration, reach, avoidance or manipulation. Postures allow task handling. Posturing also promotes expression, communication and social encounters with individuals and groups of persons.

Postures are taken for change in body position, transition from place to another, for reorientation, for exercise, for relaxation and for engagement with spatial elements. Posturing is at the expense of energy and so we avoid it as much as possible, unless it is for relief of tedium or to regain equilibrium. One can reposition the objects, reshape the surroundings, change the environment, a…