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Post 119by Gautam Shah ➔ .

Clear coatings are primarily used to reveal the surface grain, colour and pattern, which however, are not always perfect or decent. Conditioning of the substrate surfaces is needed before application of a clear coating.

The most common problems with surfaces are like: uneven colourunsuitable toneuneven grain or patternpatchy absorbencyuneven texturebleeding or soluble constituentswaxy or oily depositsalkalinityaciditygalvanic sensitivitymoisture content and transfer
Such problems with man-made surfaces are controllable, at industrial production level, but with natural surfaces like the Wood, have to be tackled on the site. To overcome the surface related problems in clear coatings. Many types of surface treatments are used. Most of the surface conditioners or treatments are fast drying, easy to apply, non destructive for the substrate and insoluble in the subsequent coat material.Surface conditioners are of following types: Fillers (transparen…