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1.05    COMPOSITES(From Notes on SURFACE FINISHES http//

Natural and manufactured raw materials are invariably compounds, made of many materials. Many such compounded materials are in the form of Composites. The composite materials come into being, by putting together natural and manufactured materials in such a special way that the strength and other qualities are different from the constituents, individually and cumulatively.

The term -different, is considered here as an improved quality, because man-made composites are designed and created towards specific performance requirements only.

Natural materials, manufactured materials and composites, all are further shaped, re-formed and geometrically integrated to create components as well as Structural Compositions.

A composite is a designed material entity with potential utility, but has no  operational functionality. A component, on the other hand  is a configuratio…


Behaviour in space is conditioned by two personal factors Privacy and Intimacy. Such behaviour develops from the primary concern for survival. Survival is a defensive action where one tries to create a protective layer, yet it is an offensive activity where people form groups and make themselves more accessible to others.

Privacy is achieved through number of means and conditions. It is basically achieved by obscuring own self, or by isolating from things and people. One can diffuse own self by merging with background or become less perceptible. Isolation is achieved by barricading. A person or group achieves insulation through physiological posturing. By posturing one can adjust the body exposure, control the communication, command the expression, contain or extend the reach of the body and re-calibrate the sensorial perception. Privacy  can help overcome many inhibitions through mental isolation. Psychological motivation helps one to ignore some side effects of privacy.