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DOORS: Myths and Legends

Doors are as ancient as the human abode and so have become part of our conscious and subconscious being. Throughout history and across cultures doors, doorways, portals, gates and thresholds have been potent objects  and symbols of superstition, rites and rituals, psychological change, transcendental and religious experience. Doors occur metaphorically in our expressions and recur in our dreams.

Etymologically Doors have been known as: dor (middle English), duru (old English) dur (proto-Germanic), dwer-dwor (proto-Indo-European), Gothic (daúr), Danish dør, Tür (German), turi (old High German), dyr (Icelandic), dyrr (old Norse), foris (Latin), thýra (modern Greek, thura (ancient Greek), dar (Persian), and dver (Russian), Kiwad (Urdu= door shutter).

Doors are synonymous with many objects and expressions  such as entrance, gate, gateway, passage, portal, access, adit, admission, admittance, ingress and way. Doors are also refereed to in terms of: indoor -inside a built or enclosed space, o…