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Quality Conscience in Interior Design


A designer, as a professional, strives to assure that projects when completed provide the intended benefits with planned level of inputs. Such assurances are needed at many different levels. A designer needs to assure the  project initiators, project  users (owners or the product buyers), project operators and the society. Such assurances, regarding the project, translate into a pursuit for a quality.

Quality represents the fundamental economics of the input-output equation. The emphasis is upon maximizing the achievements, value addition and minimizing process effort, resource wastage.

`The concept of quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a project, product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs' (ISO 8402). An enhancement of satisfaction is the key element of quality conscience. Quality is both a perception and a value judgment, concerning human satisfaction; the basis for both is ever changing.

Quality res…