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STONES -a next generation perspective

Lecture presented by Gautam Shah at Stone Workshop Faculty of Design CEPT University Ahmedabad

Stones like many other natural materials are abundantly available. Most rocks that we are likely to encounter are within the top 16 kilometres of Earth's face. This mass is made up of 95% Igneous rocks and rest consisting of widely spread cover of Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks. We today have greater capacity to search over wider terrains and also reach at sub surface locations. Exploitation of stones as collection from the surface or extraction from various depths is not a major technological problem, but economics of transportation limits its commercial usage. There are 3 essential sources of Building Stone Materials: ● Surface collected stones ● Extracted stones: surface protruding and subterranean mass ● Waste and recycled stones The stones occur in many forms and sizes: 1Large pieces which can be further down sized or cut into smaller units, 2 Units that are used without any other p…